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Star Assessments


What are STAR assessments?

STAR assessments are short, computer-adaptive tests that provide teachers with accurate, reliable, and valid data fast so they may make good instructional and intervention decisions. Skills-based exam items, learning progressions for instructional planning, and in-depth reports are included in STAR Reading (grades 1-12), STAR Math (grades 1-12), and STAR Early Literacy (grades K4-2). They serve as a link between testing and instruction. For data-driven schools, the STAR evaluations are useful tools. They're useful, accurate, and give you a lot of information about your child's reading and math abilities. Each test takes about ~45 mins to complete.

How often is STAR used?

STAR exams are regionally devised tests that students must complete at least three times during the year, referred to as screening periods: Fall, Winter, and Spring. These benchmarks are used to evaluate students' achievement on Common Core standards and to define learning goals for the next benchmark. Individual schools and teachers can use the STAR tests to track success, for example, by scheduling them more regularly to help identify needs, track progress, and direct instruction. At WCA, we test our students every 6 - 8 weeks to keep a steady pulse on our Warriors' progress.

To see our projected Star testing dates, please see our News & Events page.

What are the performance indicators in STAR?

The three main metrics used in STAR evaluations are the Scaled Score (SS), Percentile Rank (PR), and Student Growth Percentile (SGP). The Scaled Score depicts a student's achievement on a certain STAR test for a specific grade level and subject. The Percentile Rank compares a student's performance in the STAR assessments across the country for that particular STAR exam in the same grade level and topic to that of other students. A Student Growth Percentile, or SGP, compares a student's academic growth to that of his or her classmates across the country. Academic peers are kids in the same grade who scored similarly on the STAR evaluation at the start of the year.

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