For more than 20 years, Westside Christian Academy has been a beacon of hope in Detroit by providing children a holistic, Christ-centered education in a loving community. The Give Hope Campaign seeks to expand support for Westside’s children, giving hope that ripples through their families, communities, and future generations.

This video introduces you to just two of the 130 children we welcome each day. While every story is unique, our students are eager to share how a loving community that cultivates a relationship with Jesus gives them a new outlook on life. Through a foundation of faith and learning, Westside gives hope.



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Director of Give Hope

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Meet Carvell K. Goodlow, graduate of Westside Christian Academy. His life ended all too soon when he was shot and killed off campus while attending Oakwood University in Alabama. It was a shocking tragedy that hit several communities very hard. He was well known for giving purpose to his own challenging past. 


Carvell was a vibrant, intelligent, young man with a positive attitude. He was a dreamer with eyes that were full of life. Despite the many adversities and challenges against him, Carvell worked hard not to let his circumstances define his future. He got involved with an organization called "Caught Up" which focuses on building a brotherhood to motivate one another to overcome challenges. Such support was found in Bible studies, Life Skills, and basketball. 


REST IN PEACE  //  August 16, 1998 - September 16, 2018



Carvell's devotion to help others and follow Christ was evident to those around him. At Oakwood University, he got involved in ministry and shared his story to motivate, inspire, and encourage others in their quest for knowledge.


It is with great sadness that Carvell's life has ended so soon. A scholarship fund was created in his honor to continue the work that he has began to assist in guiding others down a Christian path to a fruitful future.

“It’s time to embrace everything God has placed inside of me for his glory. People won’t understand but I must live for him.” 

               //  Carvell Goodlow