Opportunities to Give to Westside

For more than 20 years, Westside Christian Academy has been a beacon of hope in Detroit by providing children a holistic, Christ-centered education in a loving community. Each year, we invite friends, churches, and foundations to join us in the powerful ministry of giving hope to educationally and economically under-resourced children in Detroit. It costs approximately $6,000 to educate each child. Because our students, on average, are only able to pay about $800 in tuition, we trust God to provide more than $700,000 annually through the generosity of our donors.

For any questions about giving or development, please contact Mike Thomas, Director of Development.

Sponsor a Student

The cost to educate one student is about $6,000 per year. Some people choose to sponsor a student as an individual or family while others pool their resources together so that a small group of people share the opportunity for sponsorship.

Sponsor a Class

Groups and families have felt called to sponsor an entire class of students. The amount per class is determined by the number of students.

Form a Giving Circle

Westside has been blessed by several people forming a large group of supporters we call Giving Circles. These circles have helped in various ways, including our general fund, student scholarships, and special projects. Our development team can talk with you more in depth about how a Giving Circle works and to help you coordinate this effort.

Support WCA Monthly

Some families and churches have chosen to make Westside part of their monthly giving. You can set up an online recurring monthly gift or mail a check to Westside each month.

Make a Donation Online or by Mail

You may mail contributions to Westside Christian Academy by sending a check to 9540 Bramell, Detroit, MI 48239 or make a secure online donation.

Make a Non-Cash Donation

In addition to accepting credit cards and electronic funds from your bank, Westside also accepts non-cash gifts. You may not realize that you can make a charitable contribution by donating certificates of stock, used vehicles, electronics, unused gift cards, assets, and more. Explore the possibilities and creative ways you can make a non-cash donation.

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